Conference theme

Colour & Human Comfort

This theme aims to relate the human being with comfort through the transdisciplinar knowledge of Colour.

Wellbeing is the fundamental condition to be achieved in everyone's life, and colour could play a tremendous role towards that fulfillment, from the clothes we choose every morning to the house we live in, our workspace, the environment that surrounds us, the objects we love, and so on.

But we know that there are many places, objects and environments that are not comfortable. In some cases, the reason is simple — lack of knowledge — in others, it cloud be the desire to impose certain aesthetic tendencies.

Fields & topics

Submissions will be accepted for consideration in any of the fields mentioned below.
Authors are required to name the most relevant field and topic with respect to their submissions content.

Colour in the Built Environment

Colour in Architecture; Colour in Urban Space; Colour in Rural Space; Interior Design; Stage Design; Museography


Colour Measuring; Colour Analysis; Technologies; Photometry; Methods; Theories and Instrumentations

Colour in Arts and Design

Painting; Sculpture; Drawing; Theatre; Cinema; Dance; Music; Fashion Design; Communication Design; Product Design; Packaging Design; Marketing; Ergonomics; Sustainability

Colour and Lighting

Light and Human Comfort; Light in Human Environments; Lighting Design; Lighting Technologies

Colour and Culture

Colour in Heritage; Colour and Education; Transcultural Colour; Colour Aesthetics; Colour History; Sacred and Religious Colours; Anthropology of Colour; Philosophy of Colour; Sociology; Colour and Food; Colour and Language; Lexicology

Colour and Health

Colour and Wellbeing; Colour in Healthcare Facilities; Colour and Neuroscience; Colour-Coded Labelling (medication, instruments, etc); Medicine; Aesthetic Medicine; Light, Health and Wellbeing

Colour and Physiology

Colour and the Human Being; Colour Vision; Optics; Memory; Colour Therapy

Colour and Psychology

Colour Preferences; Colour and the Senses; Colour Perception; Perceptual Illusions; Phenomenology of Colour

Digital Colour

Digital Colour Science; Digital Technology; Photography; Colour Image; Television and Audiovisuals; Colour Image; Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) environments; 3D Printing; Image processing; Virtual Projects

Colour and Landscape

Natural Harmony; Natural Aesthetics; Land Art; Landscape Design; Geography of Colour; Biogeography of Colour; Geology; Ecology

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