Jose Luis Caivano

Professor at University of Buenos Aires, Faculty of Architecture

Short biography

Jose Luis Caivano graduated from Buenos Aires University (Architect and PhD). Research fellow at the National Council for Research, Argentina, and professor at the School of Architecture of Buenos Aires University, where he leads the Research Program on Color and Visual Semiotics. He holds the highest category (level 1) in the national research system of Argentina. He has been research associate at the Center for Language and Semiotic Studies of Indiana University, USA. He was president of the International Association for Visual Semiotics, the Argentine Color Group, and the International Color Association, where he also chaired the Study Group on Environmental Color Design. Honorary member of the French association Ad Chroma, the Portuguese Color Association, and the Mexican Association of Color Researchers.

Caivano has participated in more than 100 congresses in 28 countries, delivering invited lecturer and courses in Argentina, Taiwan, Turkey, Finland, France, Italy, Spain, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Peru, Mexico, and Uruguay. Author and editor of books, he has published more than 130 articles in books and journals such as Color Research and Application (USA), Die Farbe (Germany), Colour: Design & Creativity (UK), Optica Pura y Aplicada (Spain), Colore (Italy), Languages of Design (Netherlands), Leonardo (USA), Semiotica (Germany), Visio (Canada), Cruzeiro Semiotico (Portugal), DeSignis (Spain), Symmetry: Art and Science (Hungary), and others. He was editor of the journal AREA, agenda of reflection on architecture, design and urbanism, and the monograph series Difusión, published by the School of Architecture of Buenos Aires University, and editor of the Proceedings of the Argentine Color Congresses. Currently he is associate editor of Color Research and Application, and member of the editorial committee of the Journal of the International Color Association, JAIC. He has been member of the editorial committee and the advisory board of the journals Visio, Web Architecture Magazine, and Languages of Design.

Fields of speciality: color theory, visual semiotics, morphology applied to architecture and design